26 abril 2010

Mr. World 2010 Final



Kamal Ibrahim, a 24-year old TV Presenter from Limerick, Ireland, is the new Mister World 2010. The 1.89 m tall model competed against 73 other men for the famous scarf.



Final Results Contestant
Mister World 2010
1st runner-up
2nd runner-up
  •  France - Mohammed Al Maiman
Top 5 finalists
Top 15 semifinalists

23 marzo 2010

Presentación e imagenes desde Korea

Mister World Perú 2010 está en el Top 5 de Mundial Beauties

Desempeño de Manuel Illich en Mister World 2010 no pasa desapercibido. Ganó el cinturón negro de Tae Kwon Do y está en el puesto 10 de las votaciones del concurso

17 marzo 2010

Apoya a Mister Perú 2010

Apoyemos con nuestros votos a Manuel ILLich, Mister Perú 2010 en esta página:


"The world's most desirable man"

"El hombre mundialmente mas atractivo"


15 marzo 2010

Mister World 2010 Candidates Visit National Museum

Mister World 2010 candidates at Wolmi Island

As the Yellow team were put through their paces down at the beach, the Blue, Red and Black teams took time to learn about other cultures at The National Museum, Seoul. The museum is exhibiting the world famous Inca exhibition and Peru took time to explain some of the artefacts to his competitors. “I really enjoy explaining part of Peruvian history to so many other cultures from around the world” he said.

Contestants also viewed historical Korean pieces, including swords, arrows and an ancient gold Buddha. It was explained to the young men that the Korean Buddha is the only Buddha that smiles. New Zealand remarked “I have been to museums all over the world and I find this really interesting. I could spend all day in here”.

After the museum the contestants hit the shops, first visiting Lotte, where they had lunch at a Japanese restaurant, then visiting Doota where they looked for souvenirs of Korea to take home with them.

Peru at the Inca exhibition

Imágenes desde Corea, Mister World 2010

En exclusiva las imágenes de nuestro representante Manuel Illich en el Mister World 2010.