24 noviembre 2012

Colombia es Mr. World 2012

Colombia es Mister World 2013
Francisco Javier Escobar Parra representing Colombia has won Mr World 2012! The evening event at the Kent Event Centre saw Colombia taking the title, with Philippines taking second place and Ireland in third. The 21 year old from Cali, Colombia is a talented magician and pole-vaulter, and impressed the judges across many of the fast-track challenges, placing high in the sports, extreme sports and multimedia events. On the night his warm and heartfelt answers to the judges questions saw off the competition and ensured his overall victory.

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La 7.ª edición de Mister World, fue un concurso de belleza masculina que se realizo el 24 de noviembre de 2012 en el Kent Showground de Kent, Inglaterra. Donde Kamal Ibrahim de Irlanda concedió el titulo a su sucesor Francisco Escobar de Colombia como el nuevo Mister World al final del evento.